Needs updating, eh…

So, it has been a while since I updated this… I guess my server has just been running fine. I recently checked and this driver doesn’t work anymore for the latest kernels. More internal changes I guess, I haven’t looked into the details yet…

AFAIK, they don’t manufacture these chips anymore, but there still is working hardware out there, and the only alternative analog grabbers with hardware compression cost more than these grabbers.

Perhaps it’s would be nice to have a libusb version of this driver, which then turns it into a networked recorder that mythtv can use, perhaps just do the same protocol used by the hdhomerun so that it can work without modification for any software that supports that. Then it would not depend so much on the kernel anymore. I think that can work. You would probably lose the option to choose high/low/medium quality for each recording (unless we modify mythtv too), but that would be fine for me.

Then I can more easily upgrade my mythbackend pc (no more drivers…), and I could even stick the USB grabbers into any pc where a mythbackend is not even running, because the grabbers are networked.

I never used libusb, but in theory it should be possible to port this… Just a program that uses libusb to find the device(s), initialize them, and that can start a recording on a given frequency/channel when requested. I wonder how much work that is. Then add a network layer to it that uses the same protocol as the hdhomerun.

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  1. Pierre says:


    I installed the old driver on OpenSuse 12.1 and it still works. Except when I change channels in MythTV, I have no more sound.

  2. Steven says:

    Hello Pierre, I am also looking to install it on openSUSE 12.1, the driver you are referring to is the latest one?

    I am definitely interested into an USB version of the driver. Unfortunately I have no programming skills whatsoever, so I am fully dependent on the driver wizards…

    Thanks Jelle, Pierre!

  3. Pierre says:

    Hi Steven,

    Yes, i use the wis-go7007-linux-0.9.8-5b.tgz with a patch for go7007-v4l2.c posted by mac_l1 on this forum.

  4. duncan says:

    This appears to be someone updating wis-go-7007 driver for newer kernels and debian packaging. (I haven’t tested it)

  5. tanis126 says:

    I have managed to get this to compile on a Raspberry Pi, running kernel 3.6.11. What do I need to update gorecord or is there something better. I want to set up this Pi with my ConvertX M402U, as a network controlled DVR.

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